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Recessed Lights $65

Remove your light fixtures! Install 6" recessed lights. Includes white baffle trim and a 65 watt flood lamp. Minimum set of 4 cans required to receive this price. Any substitutions of lamp or trim will be an additional charge.

Ceiling Fan Install $50

Includes removal of existing light fixture and assembly of ceiling fan. Based on existing ceiling box. Box must  be ceiling fan rated and securely mounted to a ceiling beam/stud. Box can be changed to a ceiling fan rated box for $35. This will hold a fixture up to 50 lbs.

Attic Fans $225

Save Energy! Install an attic fan today. This fan goes in the attic and blows warm air throughout through a vent. It can cool the house up to 15 degrees. An attic fan can cut down the use of an air conditioner up to 30% and uses much less energy. This price includes the attic fan and thermostat.

4 Recessed Lights & Dimmer $300

Get your house in style! Install recessed lights and never have to worry about replacing light fixtures again. Recessed lights are always in style and increase the value of your home. Price includes four 6" recessed lights, white baffle trim, 65 watt flood lamps and a stylish dimmer. You will love your lights, it will add so much to your room.

Garage Light

Add light to your garage! Get two 4 foot fluorescent fixtures installed in any standard 2 car garage for $250. Or get 4 for $350.

Service Call $75

Weather it's a plug or light not working, a broken pool pump, a dimmer humming, a circuit is tripping or a phone line is not ringing. What ever the problem is, we have a simple no material $75 hourly charge.